Unlock the Power of your Mutual Funds with FundCash

Enhance your borrowing power with a FundCash line from Presidential, a flexible line of credit that lets you leverage the value of your portfolio while maintaining your investment strategy and, unlike when using your home for collateral, you retain your home’s equity. Whether it’s starting a new business, home improvements, your daughter’s fantasy wedding or the new car you’ve always wanted, Presidential Bank is here for you. FundCash allows you to borrow against your mutual funds so you can keep your investments intact and avoid paying capital gains taxes on a distribution. Click here for details about a FundCash line of credit.

Benefits of a FundCash Line of Credit

  • Liquidity - Your portfolio is collateral for your line. You can maintain your investment strategy.
  • Low rates and cost – Rates and fees for FundCash lines are typically lower than traditional banking products and have no origination or underwriting fees.
  • Quick decisions - After completing the digital application, your loan can be approved quickly.
  • Simplicity - Less documentation is required compared with traditional lending products.

Click here to learn more – or apply online now.

We do not accept mutual funds that are held in retirement investment plans and in some types of fiduciary accounts as collateral for a FundCash line of credit.

Consumer Borrowing Costs
Type National Average
New Car Loan 7.59%
30-Yr. Fixed Mortgage 7.26%
Prime Rate 8.25%
Updated: 7/5/2023
Source: Consumer Rates on
WSJ.com, U.S. Edition

Updated: 02/15/2022 - MH

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